Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nice Doctor

A 30 something year old female visiting from out of town presented for seizure and knee pain. This was her 3rd visit in 10 days for the same.   She was an obvious drug seeking faker from the start.  Her previous visit stated she demanded dilaudid for her knee pain.

This visit was no different. She said she had 3 seizures, and banged her knee during the seizures. She said her seizures were due to stress, and she needed anxiety meds and IV dilaudid or demerol to get her back to normal.  Request denied.  I explained IV narcotics for an invisible knee bruise was a little extreme.   I ran some basic blood work…..and of course all was negative.

When I went in to discharge her, the narcotic requests kept coming. I told her there was no way.  She tried to have one of her seizures.  During her seizure I asked “are these what your seizures are normally like?”  She replied yes…..during the seizure mind you.  So I told her she was faking her seizure and to please leave.

The nurses tried to take her out by wheelchair, but she refused the wheelchair. This was so she could “fall” and have another fake seizure on the floor. During the seizure she kept screaming “YOUR DOCTOR IS A MOTHER FUCKIN COCK SUCKER. HE’S A COCK SUCKER. THE DOCTOR IS A COCK SUCKER.”

I have never sucked a cock. But if I did, I would rather my patients not broadcast it like that.

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hoodnurse said...

I mean, you've gotta get your Press-Ganey scores up somehow.

Leya S.N. said...

Yeah, totally normal to talk during seizures...that happens all the time..


Presenting good experience of your work.....! will share to my circle.

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Carolyn Taylor said...

Brilliant blog, thank you very much. It seems very well written and I have taken my time to read it thoroughly.

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StorytellERdoc said...

She gave you her best and yet you denied her her well-deserved Oscar. Oh well, maybe next year when she makes another appearance from out-of-town she will earn it!
Too funny of a post.


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